The Make it Better Table

The aim of the Make it Better Table (MiBT) is to “connect change makers and to help build the environment to make a different difference.” The MiBT acknowledges that change occurs when we work together across a broad range of disciplines. 

The MiBT is designed to be a dinner party with friends. We gather around this table with good people, good food and good wine in the basement of donkey wheel house – sharing all of this with impact investors, entrepreneurs, social innovators, funders, those working in the government and NGO sectors, and artists; all of whom are wanting “to act and make a different difference in the world.”

When we gather, we hear from those who are wanting help to solve significant issues, and we have curated discussions on challenging questions. Importantly, we also meet people who are also striving to make a difference – and we discover that we have many more allies and resources in this cause than we thought.