Make it Better Tables 

If you want to meet other difference makers who care, the Make it Better Table is a dinner-party like gathering with like-hearted people that happens every couple of months. We get together for two hours in the Make it Better Dining Room on the Ground Floor of donkey wheel house. These gatherings are the foundation of Make it Better. Because we invite each other to engage in ways that sometimes don’t come naturally, we have a few ‘rules‘ to help guide us.

The conversation around the table is shaped by a question that stretches our thinking and expands our hearts. Leave your cape at the door and check in your phone.


/ʃaˈrɛt/ a public meeting or workshop devoted to a concerted effort to solve a problem or plan the design of something.

If you have a project challenge, a Make it Better charrette is a facilitated process to access the wisdom of peers. The action oriented gathering typically happens over a a few hours including a meal and is catered for and faciliated by the Make it Better team. The person owning the charrette can invite whoever they want to; participants do not need to be MiBT attendees.


If you have a personal challenge, a Make it Better Clinic is a structured and safe listening process to access the wisdom of peers. A clinic is not so much about the project, challenge or opportunity itself, but about the change agent’s engagement with it. We use a tool developed within Theory U called a Case Clinic.

Clinics take a couple of hours and involve 5 or 6 other people.


If you want to develop your knowledge and experience, a Make it Better Class is a workshop or seminar offered by someone with the expertise and experience to help others learn. Topics are determined by the opportunities and people involved with the Make it Better Community. 


If you are ready for deep inspiration and connection, a Make it Better Retreat is a space for slow conversations, reflection, sensing emerging realities and energising ideas. Make it Better Retreats happen over 4-5 days and are co-designed by the participants.


If you are ready for an adventure that challenges you in your context, make it Better Trips are expansive, curated and rich experiences based around a question or theme. Trips typically happen over two weeks.


If you need to design responses to a significant challenge, Make it Better Labs are a facilitated design process that engage participants over periods up to 18 months. We apply Theory U to the design process, and by default utilise the Make it Better Lab situated on the ground floor in donkey wheel house.