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  • The Make it Better Menu…
    Interested in what we do? Here’s a menu that will give you a taste of the range of options for you to engage in.At the Make it Better Table, we know getting people together in settings that inspire productive conversations will challenge the status quo. MAKE IT BETTER TABLE (MiBT) What is it? A dinner […]
  • Making Better Boards – The Best of…
    Over the past six weeks, we’ve been blogging on making better boards – here’s a summary of what we’ve been advocating for and experiencing.  One way of board’s adding value, argues Dr. Judith McCormick in the March edition of Company Director, is to ask: ‘What is the organisation’s purpose, why does it exist?’ The strategy behind […]
  • Two Questions for Boards
    Just like that, and we’ve entered the last quarter of the financial year. No doubt there’s a board meeting or two coming up in your calendar where the agenda will be focused on setting budgets and assessing a year of unpredictable events with ongoing risk management from both a financial and personnel perspective. These are challenging times. […]
  • Putting Theory into Practice
    Over the past two weeks, we’ve looked at ways to make better boards. The donkey wheel teams sees that there is potential in each board to be unlocked to add value to the organisations that they serve on.  We’ve focused on two main concepts:   1. ‘Minimal viable governance’; this is about boards focusing on what matters. Boards need […]
  • At the Top of Your Board Agenda
    Last week we discussed that boards – although crucial to organisational governance and success – can be frustrating places to serve. One way of addressing this is to take Dr Judith McCormick’s advice from Company Director’s March 2021 edition, and focus board meetings on ‘the organisation’s purpose’.  One of McCormick’s suggestions is to use the […]

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