It was the Best of Lockdowns, it was the Worst of Lockdowns… 150 150 MAKE IT BETTER TABLE

It was the Best of Lockdowns, it was the Worst of Lockdowns…

With apologies to Charles Dickens, Melbourne sometimes feels like a ‘A Tale of Two Cities’. There’s lockdown Melbourne, gritting her teeth and doing what she can to get by. And there’s ‘free’ Melbourne, who bursts out of the house determined to drive 5.3 kilometres just for the sheer hell of it.

These lockdowns have saved lives and prevented the spread of COVID-19. On the flip side, we acknowledge that this last one would have caused difficulties for those planning parties, weddings, interstate trips and put pressure on businesses planning on a Valentine’s Day or Lunar New Year boost to sales and attendance.

Of course, we were supposed to be gathering today for our first Make it Better Table of 2021. Although technically we could, we just don’t feel like gathering 20 people into one room at this point in time is best practice. So, rather than putting it off for a few weeks with the possibility of another cancellation hanging over us, we’ve cancelled tonight’s MiBT and will meet again, as planned, on April 21 and 29. And that, to be frank, sucks.

But…there is good news. We’re having a MiBT picnic on Thursday March 4. This is a purely social occasion, so bring your partners and/or kids to Fitzroy Gardens at the Old Band Stand (off Grey Street, East Melbourne). We’re planning on being there from 4-6pm, but come when you can and leave when you must. It’s a BYO everything that you need for a good picnic and we’re really looking forward to seeing you in person!

Craig Brown

on behalf of the MiBT Team