Make it Better Table (bi-monthly)

Every couple of months we get together for two hours in the basement of donkey wheel house. These gatherings are the foundation of the Make it Better Table. Because we invite each other to engage in ways that sometimes don’t come naturally, we have a few ‘rules‘ to help guide us.

The conversation around the table is shaped by a question that stretches our thinking and expands our hearts. Leave your cape at the door and check in your phone.

For sharing ideas, events etc and between gathering discussion, check out the Make it Better Community on LinkedIn


/ʃaˈrɛt/ a public meeting or workshop devoted to a concerted effort to solve a problem or plan the design of something.

  • When a MiBT participant needs help with a project.
  • When new thinking is needed to get unstuck.
  • Maybe there is a big idea that needs designing.

A MiBT charrette is an action-oriented gathering to support a change agent. We provide the space, the catering and facilitation support as required. The person owning the charrette can invite whoever they want to; participants do not need to be MiBT attendees.


  • When a MiBT participant is struggling with their own engagement in a project, challenge or opportunity.

A clinic is not so much about the project, challenge or opportunity itself, but about the change agent’s engagement with it. We use a tool developed within Theory U called a Case Clinic.


  • When MiBT participants want to get together to learn about something.


  • When we gather over a few days to think deeply, listen intently and work intensely on a challenge or opportunity.


  • When we travel to learn from others, whose experiences, expertise and context will help us make a change in our own efforts.